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United States Army: Operation Atlantic Resolve
Latest update: February 2019
As part of Operation Atlantic Resolve (OAR) the US Army (USAr) started to deploy its armored and aviation brigades to Europe from January 2017. Armored Brigade Combat Team (ABCT) and Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) are deployed for nine months and are headquartered in Germany (ABCT: Baumholder and CAB: Illesheim). From Germany units of the brigades are forward based in the Baltic nations (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.

The CAB's are shipped to a port in Belgium, Germany or The Netherlands were they are offloaded. After they are reassembled the helicopters fly to an air base for checks and refuelling and then continue their journey towards the US Army bases (air fields) in Bavaria, Southern Germany. After completing the nine month OAR rotation they depart in the opposite direction for shipment back to the USA.
OAR: Combat Aviation Brigade rotations
Rotation no. CAB Division US Army Base Start End
4 1st CAB 1st Infrantry Division Fort Riley, Kansas February 2019 November 2019
3 4th CAB 4th Infrantry Division Fort Carson, Colorado July 2018 February 2019
2 1st ACB 1st Cavalry Division Fort Hood, Texas November 7, 2017 July 2018
1 10th CAB 10th Mountain Division Fort Drum, New York March 9, 2017 November 7, 2017


Rotation 3: As 4th CABs 4-4 ARB was assigned to Operation Inherent Resolve the brigade arrived without Apaches in Europe. At a later moment 6/17 CAV will be shipped from Fort Carson to join the rotation.

Rotation 1: The 1-501 AVN (AH-64D) from Fort Bliss, Texas was augmented to 10th CAB as the divisions own 1/10 ARB just completed an deployment.
Combat Aviation Brigade structure
Abbreviation Full unit Aircraft
CAB Combat Aviation Brigade  
ACB Air Combat Brigade  
ARB Attack Reconnaissance Battalion AH-64D/E
AHB Assault Helicopter Battalion UH-60L/M
GSAB General Support Aviation Battalion CH-47F, UH-60L, HH-60M
CAV Cavalry AH-64D/E

A typical CAB is organized into three battalions (each comprised of three companies: Alfa, Bravo and Charlie) and a squadron of a Cavalry regiment.

For an overview of the US Army aviation brigades please visit the US Army section.
CAB aircraft deployment numbers
  Rotation 1 Rotation 2 Rotation 3 Rotation 4
  10th Mountain Division 1st Cavalry Division 4th Infantry Division 1st Infantry Division
  10th CAB 1st ACB 4th CAB 1st CAB
Aircraft Feb '17 - Oct '17 Oct '17 - Jun '18 Jun '18 - Mar '19 Feb '19 - Nov '19
AH-64D 24   24  
AH-64E   24    
UH-60L/M 38 38 37  
HH-60M 15 15 15  
CH-47F 12 12 12  
Total 89 89 88  
OAR rotation 3: 4th Combat Aviation Brigade
CH-47F Chinook from B/2-4 GSAB arrival at Eindhoven on September 22, 2018. UH-60L Blackhawk from Alpha Company 2-4 GSAB departing Eindhoven Sept. 22 Arrival of one of C/2-4 GSAB Medevac HH-60M's Blackhawks September 22. 
  3-4 AHB is equipped with the UH-60M of which a flight is ready to depart to Germany. Eindhoven September 22.  

4th Combat Aviation Brigade arrived without its Apaches. Its 4-4 ARB was assigned to operation Operation Inherent Resolve. 6/17 CAV would join the OAR deployment with its Apaches later.
OAR rotation 1: 10th Combat Aviation Brigade
AH-64D Apache from 1-501 AVN about to depart to the port of Rotterdam. Eindhoven October 27, 2017. CH-47F Chinook from B/3-10 GSAB lifts of runway 21 on its way to Rotterdam. Eindhoven October 27, 2017. An UH-60L Blackhawk assigned to A/3-10 AHB arrives at Eindhoven on October 25, 2017.
  A Medevac Blackhawk (HH-60M) from C/3-10 GSAB arrives at Eindhoven on October 27, 2017.