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Polish Air Force ZLOT 2008
Latest update: January 2019
The annual ZLOT meeting was held at Poznan-Krzesiny airbase (31 Baza Lotnicza) which is home to 3 and 6 ELT (Eskadra Lotnictwa Tactycznego) from May 27-29. Both units are equipped with the Lockheed-Martin F-16C/D block 52. During the ZLOT the commanders of the flying squadrons of the Polish air force, navy and army will meet. Arrivals took place on May 27. The transport aircraft arrived first followed by the fighters and trainers. The helicopters were the last to arrive. Two of the W-3s gave a CSAR demonstration before landing. Four of the based F-16Cs flew a mission before returning with the Mig-29s and were parked on the flightline next to there colleagues.
Photo gallery: ZLOT participants
M-28TD (Powidz or Krakow-Balice) A Mig-29A from 1 ELT and  Mig-29GT from 41 ELT
Mi-8PS from Warsaw on arrival and  departure Mi-8RL LGPR
Mi-17 from 37 dl.  PZL-130TC-1 from 2 OSzL Radom-Sadkow. Su-22M-4 with 7 ELT markings 
based at Swidwin.  TS-11 1 OSzL Deblin W-3RL operated by LGPR
  W-3RL operated by LGPR   
Photo gallery: 3 and 6 ELT