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Frisian Flag 2022
Latest update: January 2022
Frisian Flag 2022 is planned to run from March 28 until April 8, 2022.
"Planned" participants Frisian Flag 2022
Operating from Leeuwarden Air Base:
Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft: Squadron: Wing: Airbase: Comments:
Canada CF-188   425 TFS / 433 TFS 3 Wing CFB Bagotville TBC
  CF-188   401 TFS / 409 TFS 4 Wing CFB Cold Lake TBC
France Mirage 2000D     EC 003 Base Aérienne 133 Nancy TBC
  Rafale M   11F / 12F   BAN de Landivisiau TBC
Germany EF-2000, EF-2000(T)     TaktLwG 31 Norvenich TBC
  EF-2000, EF-2000(T)     TaktLwG 71 Wittmund TBC
  EF-2000, EF-2000(T)     TaktLwG 73 Laage TBC
  EF-2000, EF-2000(T)     TaktLwG 74 Neuburg TBC
Netherlands F-16AM   312 squadron   Volkel TBC
  F-35A   322 squadron   Leeuwarden TBC
Poland Mig-29A/G/GT   41. elt 22. BLT Malbork TBC
  Mig-29A/UB   1. elt 23. BLT Miñsk Mazowiecki TBC
United States F-16C/D   510 FS / 555 FS 31 FW Aviano AB, Italy TBC
Total   0
Operating from their home base:
Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft: Squadron: Wing: Airbase: Comments:
NATO E-3A 1 NAEW&CF   Geilenkirchen TBC
Total   1
TBC: To Be Confirmed.

In the week of 11-14 January a French navy Falcon 10 visited Leeuwarden air base. It is unknown if the visit it related to the possible participation of Rafale M's.