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Air Show
Latest update: June 2019
Volkel, Luchtmachtdagen 2019 June 14. Schleswig-Jagel, TdB June 13. Čáslav, May 25, 2019,
Here you will find photo reports of air shows, open houses and spotter / aviation enthusiast days. The reports are split between static and flying displays and on country order.


Tag der Bundeswehr 2015: Nörvenich


The Luchtmachtdagen (Royal Netherlands Air Force open house) is rotated between its bases Gilze-Rijen, Leeuwarden and Volkel from 2004. Due to budget cuts for the Ministry of Defence it decided to cancel an open house for either its air force, navy or army once every three years.

As a result of budget cuts for its armed services the MoD decided to rotate the open days between its the air force, navy or army. One of these not organizing a open house once every three years.

Air Base Year Air Base Year
Volkel 2000 Gilze Rijen 2010
Leeuwarden 2001 Leeuwarden 2011
Gilze Rijen 2002 Not organized 2012
Twente 2003 Volkel 2013
Volkel 2004 Gilze Rijen 2014
Gilze Rijen 2005 Not organized 2015
Leeuwarden 2006 Leeuwarden 2016
Volkel 2007 Cancelled 2017
Leeuwarden 2008 Not organized 2018
Volkel 2009 Volkel 2019


Not organized: Luchtmachtdagen not organized due to the MoD decision, see above.
Cancelled: The Royal Netherlands Air Force cancelled the Luchtmachtdagen 2017 (Volkel) due to operational commitments including the long term support of international missions and its focus returning its aircraft to service and training of its personnel.

Luchtmachtdagen 2019, Volkel Luchtmachtdagen 2016 Leeuwarden Luchtmachtdagen 2011 Leeuwarden
Display teams


Apache solo display, F-16 solo display team


EF-2000 (Eurofighter) solo display

United Kingdom:

Royal Air Force: Red Arrows